Goodwill + SCAD: Cause and Effect Campaign
Wanting to create a donation process that was organized and effective, our team worked with SCAD and Goodwill executives to envision a well-crafted marketing campaign that would appeal to a younger audience focused on creative careers. We also created a sustainable logistical plan that could be carried out each spring with relative ease, thereby improving the donation process for all stakeholders. This project proved that services designed through a co-creative process address the complex structures and unique challenges of each organization, leading to incremental improvement and greater innovation, and also providing a foundation on which to build long-lasting relationships.

Although the recommendations have yet to be fully implemented, it was estimated that in its first year 1,882 student donors supported Goodwill’s mission by giving 41,675 pounds of donations. This provided citizens of Savannah and surrounding communities with 9,975 hours of Career Counseling!