Go Bike!
The goal of the ‘Go Bike!’ project was to co-create innovative concepts that would help provide a safe, convenient and appealing environment in which to ride bicycles for recreation and transportation both in and around Savannah. Our team planned and executed four 1.5 hours workshops that involved multiple (14) stakeholders including the City of Savannah and various other local organizations and advocacy groups. The following tools were used during each phase…


Client Interview and Project Plan
After interviewing the client we were tasked with creating a wall chart that included social scenario, goals, and vision statements, stakeholder map, matrix/table that outlined focal jobs, needs, and perceived constraints, and a schedule of the co-creation workshops, (phases, activities, time-frame, dates, etc.)


Co-Creation Session 1: Discover
This session was about working to discover all points of view, finding the real problem(s), and visualizing our findings.


Co-Creation Session 2: Define
In this session we reviewed the framed strategic problems and opportunities, then generate tentative solutions that were aligned to stakeholder needs and objectives. We used a variety of brainstorming methods and lateral-thinking techniques to do so.


Co-Creation Session 3: Develop
In the third stage, our concepts and solutions were further developed, iterated, and tested before being screened and ranked.
(Note: The animations of the five concepts were too large to upload.)

Co-Creation Session 4: Deliver
In the final co-creation session, we presented the problem(s), the solution(s), the value proposition, as well as a plan for implementation.