Assignment 5. The Tool Box
The brief states, “The client is considering opening a national bricks-and-mortar retail chain for home improvement, possibly akin to a Lowe’s or Home Depot. Your team has been asked to design a set of interrelated service offerings that will dramatically improve the customer’s decision-making and purchasing experience.” (pre-purchase, point-of-purchase and post-purchase experience)
Each team is assigned a product category, e.g. paint or lawn mowers, then required to create a name for a fictional competitor of Home Depot or Lowe’s along with a study of the following…

  • Inputs (personas, insights, opportunities, framed strategic problems, vision statement etc.)
  • Process (ideation and screening of ideas/concepts based on an understanding of best practices)
  • Outputs (showing how concepts improve/transform the service package and delivery system)
  • Outcomes (showing how concepts create value for the service user and provider)

The overall goal of this stage is review and practice previously learned methodology while learning new concepts and tools.